Wood carving tools

There are various carving techniques and for every carving type are required dedicated tools. Cristin's works are mostly relief carvings of medium to large sizes and depth, so it requires relatively larger chisels and a carving mallet, like you can see in the pictures below.

Wood carving chisels

Wood carving cherry mallet

There are other types of smaller carving tools that does not require a mallet. These tools are perfect for smaller works of art. Below you can see a typical wood carving knives set for chip carving.

Chip carving knives

There are, of course, more types of wood carving tools, but this site focuses mainly on the regular chisels used for relief carving, which Cristin is doing.

Carving techniques Different carving techniques can
be applied with different tools.
Techniques of wood carving
explained in depth.

Hand and power tools
Types of tools used for wood
carving. Multi-functional wood
carving tools, hand tools, power
tools and complete carving sets.

Selecting a wood
Every wood type has its own
nature.. and since the wood
is not equally strong in all
directions, the design must be
arranged keeping this in mind.