Where in the World Do Carpenters Make the Most Money?

Carpentry is a skilled trade that has been around for centuries. Carpenters build, install, and repair wooden structures such as walls, floors, roofs, and stairs. They also make and install cabinets, doors, and windows.

While carpenters are found in every country in the world, they are not all paid equally. In general, carpenters in developed countries make more money than those in developing countries. For example, a carpenter in the United States makes an average of $21 per hour while a carpenter in India makes only $2 per hour.

The highest-paid carpenters are those who work in the construction industry where they can earn up to $30 per hour or more. Other high-paying industries for carpenters include furniture manufacturing and repairs ($26 per hour), shipbuilding ($24 per hour), and architectural woodwork ($22 per hour).

In order to maximize their earnings potential, carpenters should consider working in multiple industries and becoming proficient at various carpentry skills. Those who are able to do so can command higher wages and enjoy greater job security.

Hanford, California: $85,300 (66,875);

$75,890 (55,075);: $72,800 (49,841);: $70,280 (46,113).

Carpenters in Hanford make significantly more than the average Carpenter. The average salary for a Hanford Carpenter is $85,300 annually. This is 66% higher than the national average salary for Carpenters. The highest paying cities for Carpenters are typically found in California. In addition to Hanford, other high paying cities include San Francisco and San Jose.

Honolulu: $69,150 (54,213);

$63,770 (49,753);: $61,200 (47,256);: $60,560.

As one of the most populous cities in the United States and the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu is unsurprisingly home to a large number of carpenters. And while the cost of living in Honolulu is relatively high compared to other parts of the country, so are wages for carpenters. In fact, Honolulu ranks as one of the highest paying cities for carpenters in the entire nation.

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual wage for carpenters in Honolulu is a whopping $69,150 – nearly $10,000 more than the national average wage for this occupation. And when you factor in Hawaii’s low cost of living index (which is nearly 20 points lower than that of California), it’s easy to see why Honolulu is such a attractive city for carpenters.

If you’re looking for even more reasons to move to Honolulu and start your carpentry career there, consider this: not only does Hawaii offer some of the most beautiful scenery and weather in all of America – it’s also home to some of the most competitive carpentry contractor rates in the country. So if you’re looking to maximize your earnings as a carpenter, there’s no better place to be than right here in paradise.

Anchorage, Alaska: $68,820 (53,954);

Honolulu, Hawaii: $66,810 (43,890); San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, California: $64,930 (71,040); Santa Cruz-Watsonville. California: $63,470(26.460); Vallejo-Fairfield. California: $62.920

Anchorage is the most populous municipality in Alaska and is home to more than 40 percent of the state’s total population. The city is located in the southcentral portion of the state on a peninsula jutting out into Cook Inlet. Anchorage has a subarctic climate characterized by long cold winters and short cool summers. The average January temperature is -5 degrees Fahrenheit (-21 degrees Celsius), while the average July temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 degrees Celsius).

The economy of Anchorage is anchored by its role as the transportation hub for Alaska. The city is served by two international airports and is connected to the rest of North America by a network of highways and railways. The Port of Anchorage is one of the busiest ports in North America and handles more cargo than any other port in Alaska. Anchorage is also home to Elmendorf Air Force Base, one of the largest military installations in North America.

The largest industries in Anchorage are health care and social assistance, retail trade, accommodation and food services, government, and manufacturing. The top five employers in the city are Providence Health & Services Alaska, Walmart Stores Inc., Fred Meyer Stores Inc., BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc., and State Farm Insurance Companies.

San Francisco: $68,310 (53,555);

$60,780 (40,390).

In the United States, Carpenters make the most money in San Francisco. They earn an average of $68,310 per year (53,555), which is significantly more than the national average of $60,780 (40,390). Carpenters in San Francisco are also paid more than those in any other city in the country. The cost of living in San Francisco is high, but carpenters there still make significantly more money than they would in other parts of the country.

New York City: $67,650 (53,037)

New York City is home to some of the highest paid carpenters in the world. The average carpenter in New York City makes $67,650 a year, which is over $53,000 more than the average carpenter in the United States. Carpenters in New York City are paid so well because of the high demand for their services. There are many large construction projects underway in New York City at any given time, and carpenters are needed to help build them. If you’re looking to make a good living as a carpenter, New York City is the place to be.