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Cristin Sculpture CristinSculpture.com is a place where you can find information about wood carving, useful articles to guide you in the art of wood carving, advices for types of wood used and tools needed in this line of work, and much more.

The artist is featuring some of his own works in the 'Gallery' page. You can find
out more about Cristin at the 'About' page.

At the 'Introduction' page you will find everything about wood carving since the
beginning of this art to the actual days. The beginning of wood carving and the
various styles which have been developed through time since the early history
are explained in depth. Wood carving styles.

The Tools, Wood and Finishes pages presents and explains everything you need
to know about the wood types and tools used in wood carving, and the final
finishes requirements for a wood. Every wood type has it's own nature and
working on it is different. The main hand tools used for carving and also some
useful power tools are presented at the carving tools page. You can learn about
the types of wood finishes at the wood 'Finishes' page.

Inside this website you will also find useful carving guides to get you started in
wood carving, you can learn to carve step by step with the help of Cristin's
guides which is an experienced carver.

If you look for places to buy carving tools or wood for your projects, then you
can access the wood carving 'Resources' page for there you will find the best wood
providers online.


Carving techniques Different carving techniques can
be applied with different tools.
Techniques of wood carving
explained in depth.

Hand and power tools
Types of tools used for wood
carving. Multi-functional wood
carving tools, hand tools, power
tools and complete carving sets.

Selecting a wood
Every wood type has its own
nature.. and since the wood
is not equally strong in all
directions, the design must be
arranged keeping this in mind.